2010 NHL Playoffs: Sabres vs. Bruins

Buffalo Sabres (3) vs. Boston Bruins (6)

So Buffalo is back in the playoffs. I am certainly saving these write-ups because the Sabres are bordering Devil and Red Wing territory of consistency, except Lindy Ruff has been there since the introduction of the forward pass.

The Bruins are in tough in this matchup. Any team that struggle to score goals this year like Boston has would be in trouble having to face Ryan Miller in the first round.

Miller has simply dominated this year, whether in the regular season or the Olympics, he has been the best player on the ice for the majority of games he has been in.

Now the Sabres are not going to set the world on fire with their offense, but it is not unusual for them to get contributions from their 3rd and 4th lines. Vanek has showed signs recently of the form he demonstrated a couple of seasons ago with a 4 goal performance to end the season in Ottawa. That would just be a bonus for Ruff who will have his guys playing a tight system that will frustrate Boston.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t caught the Bruins enough to know who their starter is going to be. From what I had seen Thomas was struggling to live up to his contract and Tuuka Rask was doing little to lose the net. From what I’ve seen, I’d go with Rask if I were Claude Julien.

Either way, Boston won’t win the goaltending battle, nor will they outscore Buffalo unless some guys find the touch that has eluded them all year or Marc Savard miraculously recovers.

If I had to bet: Buffalo in 5. One loss is all Lindy will tolerate from his squad.



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