9 responses to “The Saint John Mill Rats”

  1. Tony Bountalas says :

    Disappointed in the name and logo. Really was looking forward to something new. I think the owners made a mistake. Mill= polution, rats= disease and filth.

  2. Windjammer Fan says :

    Massive fail on all counts.

    You think they would at least rename the team something with some ties to the city, such as shipbuilding or something.

    • theslippy says :

      The mill has historical reference to Saint John as well, so I don’t mind that part of the name. However, as stated in my earlier post I would have like to see something like “Wharf Rats” do go with the port theme.

      Epic win for use of the Windjammers

  3. Bill McLean says :

    Having grew up around Saint John and lived in the core of the city for nearly a decade….I can tell you there is alot of mills, and alot of rats. I like the name, but the logo is a little too much. i like the idea of the blue collare dude but they may have spread the cityscape a little too much.

    • theslippy says :


      I am assuming they will drop the cityscape for a lot of merchandising and other usage. This is just the concept and the Mill worker will be the main logo used.

      For those interested, some more great info on the name and logo from Station Nation

  4. Joe says :

    For slippy,
    Can you edit a comment for me?

  5. SAFD says :

    The logo and name are terrible.. I agree with the comment by Tony. Rats … is that really something we would like to use to represent our city.. rats? Neither the name or logo makes me want to come watch one of these basketball games, and will most likely be an epic failure. I simply cannot take a semi-pro or pro team seriously that portrays such an image. Two of the biggest eye sores in Saint John are the pulpmil and wharf rats. This represents our city in a negative way. Why don’t we try something a little more positive or more historical. The mill may have historical reference to the city, but to represent a sports team by industry is just not ideal. Think about the big fire that occured in saint john -Saint John Fire sounds way better. Think about it, Miami Heat…. Saint John Fire. Maybe even The Saint John Loyalists. Wayy better than something that represents a mill that pollutes the air and water, and disease carrying rodents.

  6. Cosmo says :

    Looks like a logo for Pittsburgh! GM has no imagination or sense of anything Canadian. Looks like a con job to me.

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