Giants and Rangers Meet in Unlikely World Series Match-Up

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I picked the Rangers to fall in the first round. I picked the Giants to fall in the second round. So you should probably bet against whoever I pick to win the World Series.

In the end I’m not upset to see this match-up. While I am sure Major League Baseball would have loved to have the big markets of New York and/or Philadelphia meet in the World Series, the Giants and Rangers have played some great baseball that has been fun to watch. They deserve to be here.

The Rangers disposed of the mighty AL East in the first two rounds. The Giants dispatched the Cerberus rotation of Philly. In my opinion, both teams have beaten the odds and surprised many. One thing is certain: their performance has earned the right to be here.

Game 1 tonight will feature a terrific pitching contest between Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum. Lee’s postseason performance over the past two years has vaulted him into icon status of Chuck Norris proportions (See Challenge above). Lincecum has simply maintained his “Freak”ish outings since entering the league which have earned him two Cy Young awards before reaching the age of 26.

But both teams have shown depth in their rotations. Converted closer, C.J. Wilson had one of the quieter 15 win seasons in history, and has continued to perfomr in the postseason. Colby Lewis and Tommy Hunter have shown that they can be solid and give the Rangers a chance to win each time they take the hill.

The Giants counter with three guys that helped them outpitch the dominant Philly staff and a strong Braves rotation to make it to the show. Matt Cain, Jonathan Sanchez, and rookie Madison Bumgarner have been equally solid and given the team a chance to win close games, as that’s what the Giants tend to play.

The difference will come from the offense. Cody Ross has really been the Giants only consistent presence throughout the playoffs, though others have provided a needed spark at different times.

The Rangers on the other hand, have been getting production from a number of different spots in the line-up. Five Rangers (Kinsler, Cruz, Hamilton, Young and Molina) have more postseason RBIs than the Giants second place producer, Pat Burrell, who is tied with two other Rangers (Guerrero and Moreland) at four. So that is seven batters raking at the same level, or better, than the Giants top two.

If the Giants have any chance of winning, their bats are going to have to wake up and/or the Rangers bats are going to have to fall asleep. Without that, the Giants staff will not only have to great, but be lights out because there will be no margin for error.

If I had to bet: Rangers in 6


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