Video of the Week: Nike SHOUT

I have recently been thinking of including a regular video component to the blog. Below is the first of what I hope will be an enteraining addition to our sporting dialogue.

Nike is once again on the innovative forefront of sporting media. Whether it has been through fashion, advertising or technology, Nike continually finds new ways to maintain their position atop the sporting world.

Here fans have the opportunity to be part of the sporting experience, whether in attendance or not. By using Facebook and Twitter, fans have the opportunity to send their messages and have them displayed in real time on the field of play.

I love the idea and would love to see it at some of my local sporting events.

It seems like a great idea. I have enjoyed being engaged in sporting events that I cannot attend through social media. The best example being #TweetingTuesday which started last year with the Toronto Blue Jays. Imagine if the tweets with the hashtag were displayed either on the main screen or better yet the scoreboard displays on the outfield fence.

Now I’m guessing there must be some filter, as messages of encouragement would surely be accompanied by digital hecklers. And some of the language could get spicy. Also, what’s to stop business from using it as advertising. Think about it:

Half off all pizza and drink combos if the home team wins #NikeSHOUT

I don’t really have a big issue with a tweet like that, but it could be a slippery slope. I’d be curious to see how they deal with such instances.

Check out the Digital Buzz for more info.


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