VOTE JOSE…and Lind, Ricky and JPA


I am firmly on the VOTE JOSE bandwagon (see the righthand menu). Hell, they might as well just give him the 2011 MVP award right now, and give him last year’s too considering what he has done over the past 20 months. He is lapping other Major League batters in terms of power numbers and this year he’s decided to lead the league in batting average to boot.

Everyone knows what Jose Bautista has been doing and he has earned all the praise, but I want to highlight a couple other Jays that deserve your MLB All-Star vote:

Adam Lind – .317 BA, 11 HRs, 37 RBI

After a bit of slow start, Lind started heating up in a big way, but suffered back strain and missed a month of action. If not for that missed time, he would likely be in the Top 10 in HRs, and his 1.0 RBI/game pace would likely having him sitting atop the Major Lead standings.

Add to that, if he had remained hot during the missed time, Lind could be in the midst of a Triple Crown race with Bautista. In his last 10 games (5 before injury and 5 after) he is hitting .429.

Also, Lind demonstrated he can play a decent firstbase.

J.P. Arencibia – .249 BA, 10 HRs, 32 RBI

Expected to platoon behind the plate with veteran Jose Molina, the Jays rookie won the starting job less than two months into the season. He leads the Majors in HRs and RBIs by a catcher, despite not being the full time starter right away and being in fewer games than others in the top five.

JPA is also a leading candidate for Rookie of the Year. He is one behind the Angels Mark Trumbo (11) in HRs by a rookie and one behind Washington National’s Danny Espinosa (33) in RBIs by a rookie. Again, this is despite playing fewer games than a lot of rooks because of being a catcher and the not the starter right away.

All the while, Arencibia has been improving defensively behind the plate.

Ricky Romero – 5-5, 3.19 ERA

High expectations for Ricky this year. His 3.19 ERA is good, but the 5-5 record is reflective of a couple bad outings and inconsistent run support.

In nine of his 12 starts this year Ricky has allowed two or fewer runs. Conversely, the Jays have managed to score three or fewer runs in nine of the games he has started. He has lost two games while pitching 7+ innings and allowing only two earned runs.

Ricky has All-Star calibre stuff, and has showed it through the first couple months of the season. With the Jays lineup getting healthy again, hopefully run support will stop being an issue, and Ricky’s quality starts will translate into more dubs.

Honourable Mention:
Casey Janssen – 2-0, 2.08 ERA, 1.04 WHIP
Janssen has been a reliable force in the Jays’pen. His 2.08 ERA leads the team (second in the majors if he met the IP/G requirement). His 1.04 WHIP is thanks to allowing only six walks so far this year, a vital attribute to have from the guy coming out the pen. I leave it at honourable mention because middle relief is typically not a roster spot for the All-Star game. That role will be filled by starters and closers.

Back to Bautista:

You may have already seen this parody of every mafia movie ever made featuring Joey Bats, aka Jose Bautista, but I figured it was worth another look as I throw my full support around the VOTE JOSE campaign for this year’s MLB Mid-Summer Classic.

Maybe this year they’ll actually let him compete in the homerun derby. D’ya think?


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2 responses to “VOTE JOSE…and Lind, Ricky and JPA”

  1. Ian says :

    I think if Lind had not landed on the DL, he could make a good run at the 1B All-Star spot. I don’t think he’d ever eclipse Adrian Gonzalez or Mark Teixeira, but he could definitely get in there as one of the top 3-4 first baseman. Hopefully he gets in there as a player/coach’s pick.

    • theslippy says :

      It’s always tough trying to eclipse the Red Sox and Yankees simply because of the size of their fan support, but Lind’s offensive pace would have put him ahead of both of them, if he held it through that month he missed.

      Tex might have the slight edge in homers, and Gonzo in batting average, but Lind numbers project the best balance over the three major categories. Approx. 17 HR, 60 RBI and the BA was trending upward.

      Thanks for the input.

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