Bailey Returns to Dartmouth Moosehead Dry

logo of the Dartmouth Moosehead DryDespite a two game losing streak, The Dartmouth Moosehead Dry players are the happiest bunch of ball players outside of Arizona today. The Moosehead Dry all-time pitching leader and considered by many to be the best amateur pitcher in the country over the past 10 years, lefty Jason Bailey, is returning to the club for the remainder of the season.

Bailey retired from the NSSBL with the intention to focus on his touch football career, but his competitive desire and the lure seeking a gold medal at the Canadian Senior Baseball Championship in Chatham, N.B., Aug. 25-28 convinced him to come back.

He will be in the line-up tomorrow night when the Dry travel to Truro. He will play in the outfield and take time to throw with back-up catcher, Jordan Oakey, to get back in pitching shape. His first start is likely to take place in the last week of July.

Bailey was 5-2 last season and led the league in strikeouts with 85 and posted an ERA of 2.40, third best in the league.


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