Playoffs Begin at World Baseball Challenge

logo for the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) World Baseball Challenge being held in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada July 7 - 18 2011The World Baseball Challenge, sponsored by the Toronto Blue Jays and the city of Prince George, B.C., has encountered the weather problems in trying to get games in at the prestigous baseball tournament.

Due to rain and extremely wet field conditions, Thursday’s game between Canada and Chinese Taipei was cancelled. This game could have altered the standing but only if it had of resulted in a seriously lopsided victory for Canada and forced the organizers to use the tie breaking rules.

After consulting with both teams, the umpires, the host committee and the grounds crew it was determined not to reschedule the game, but instead move onto the playoff round.

The final standings are as follows:

1. Cuba 5-0
2. Chinese Taipei 3-1
3. Toshiba Japan 3-2
4. Canada 2-2
5. Bahamas 1-4
6. Beijing 0-5

Canada face the Bahamas at 4:00 ATL today; Beijing and Japan at 7:00, and Chinese Taipei at Cuba at 11:00.

The winner of the Chines Taipei/Cuba game goes directly to the tournament final on Sun.

Again all action can seen on the World Baseball Challenge website.


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