Vote for Port Hood in TSN Kraft Celebration Tour

First time for a guest author on the blog, so thanks to Melanie MacDonald

Starting at 1pm on Friday, July 22, Port Hood will go head to head with Ingonish Beach in a 24 hour voting battle to secure a spot on TSN’s Kraft Celebration Tour. At stake is a much needed $25,000 prize to go toward upgrades and repairs to the Al MacInnis Sports Centre, as well as the opportunity to host a live broadcast of TSN SportsCentre. Roberta Watts nominated Port Hood for this honour with a persuasive essay highlighting what this prize would mean to the community, and how it will be put to good use. Roberta’s nomination, supported by over 200 residents and friends of Port Hood, lead to a spot in the Top 20.

Growing up in Port Hood was an experience like no other. I have never come across another community that supports and embraces its own with the spirit, passion and tenacity of Port Hood. The arena is the heart and soul of this community, and with your help we can ensure it will be around for a long time to come!

Please visit the Kraft Celebration Tour match-up page between 1pm ATL Friday and 1pm ATL Saturday to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, and VOTE some more. You can vote as many times as you wish. You can bet every computer and mobile device in Port Hood and surrounding areas will be buzzing throughout the 24 hour matchup, but as a small community, we need every single vote we can get!

My very talented niece performs at the beginning of this video


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