Matt Stairs Retires

Matt Stairs retires from Major League baseballMatt Stairs has retired from Major League Baseball after a 19 year career.

Stairs played with the Fredericton Schooners as a youngster in the NSSBL, winning 2 MVP awards. Had it been a month or so earlier he may have been playing for the Royals in 3 weeks at the Canadian Senior Baseball Championship in Chatham, N.B. Former pro players must be released or retired prior to July 1 in order to gain reinstatement as an amateur, and although Royals’ GM, Jody Peterson, will ask for reinstatement, but the participating teams would have to agree to allowing Stairs’ participation, which is not likely to happen.

However, he did say that Stairs could dress in a Royals’ uniform as a coach. Stairs has the blessing of the team’s coaches, Mike Lint and Jamie Estey, the latter having played minor ball with Stairs in Fredericton. Stairs has said that he plans on being in Chatham for the Nationals, Aug. 25-28, to support the tournament and his team of many years ago.

Stairs’ career numbers are .263 batting average, 265 HRs, and 897 RBIs. He also holds the Major League record for career pinch-hit homeruns (23) and teams played for (13).


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