Moncton Rounds Out NBL Roster

Moncton Coliseum, Home of the Moncton NBL Franchise

Moncton Coliseum, Home of the Moncton NBL Franchise

The National Basketball League of Canada is pleased to announce that the city of Moncton, New Brunswick, has been approved and accepted to begin play for the 2011-12 season. Moncton represents the seventh and final franchise to being accepted for the inaugural season.

“Moncton is a city I’ve had my eye on for a long, long time now, and I’m absolutely thrilled that the franchise has finally come to fruition,” said National Basketball League of Canada President & CEO, Andre Levingston. “Everyone knows what a great event city Moncton is, and we are confident that professional basketball will be no exception.”

Levingston’s excitement is understandable. Gaining Moncton as a franchise city is huge after having difficulty with two of the originally proposed franchises in Barrie and Kingston, ON. Adding Moncton will enhance the Maritime rivalries between the exisitng Halifax Rainmen (owned by Levingston) and the Saint John Mill Rats, as well as the new PEI franchise.

The excitement of team owner Steven Colville is plain when discussing bringing professional basketball to Moncton, and adding to those rivalries.

“Since I stopped growing in grade ten, my dream of dunking a basketball diminished, but my passion for the game remained the same,” said Conville. “When I found out professional basketball was coming to Canada, I could only think of one thing; owning a franchise in this league in a city that will embrace this team as I would. Moncton here we come!”

Levingston says that he has been incredibly impressed by the hard work and determination that the ownership group and the city of Moncton have demonstrated throughout the application and approval process.

“Mayor George LeBlanc, his dedicated members of City Council, Ian Fowler (General Manager of Economic Development, Tourism and Culture), and team owner Steven Conville have been nothing short of fantastic to work with,” says Levingston. “They are all so passionate about bringing professional basketball to the city of Moncton, and are eager to leverage this team as not only a thrilling and unmatched entertainment option, but also as a new way to give back to the community.”

With all seven franchise accepted and having operating agreements, the major obstacles have been overcome. Now aisde from naming the particular franchises, the main business will trun to filling out thier rosters and coaching staff. The inaugural NBL Draft goes next week in Toronto and will feature a round exclusively for Canadian talent.


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