Moncton Gets Miracles; Summerside Searching

20110823-035344.jpgMoncton Miracles, one of the new franchises set to join the National Basketball League of Canada, unveiled their logo and colours at the Moncton Coliseum Tuesday afternoon.

I have to be honest. I was not a fan of the “Miracles” name, when I first heard it. After seeing the logo I am not much more enthusiastic. Who’s the guy in the logo supposed to be? Does it not look just a wee bit like the Rainmen logo guy?

I thought it was going to be very important for a new franchise to develop a strong brand that could generate revenue beyond just the local market. Think about it. If you could develop a sports brand that was appealing to people that simply think “it looks cool”. A decent online merchandising application could generate a serious amount of revenue and brand recognition. By going with Mr. Clean riding a rainbow it seems like they just got something done quick to get it out there

I like the alliteration, but would have preferred another name. For some reason the Monarchs keeps popping into my head. I think the Moncton Monarchs would have been cool.

The Prince Edward Island Summerside National Basketball League of Canada Team Contest to name the teamAlternatively, The Island franchise set to play out of Summerside has announced a contest to name the team. They are asking fans to make sure they use the “Island Theme”. I’m sure someone will submit “The Islanders”. Its not bad, but hopefully there will be some more creative submissions.

I’m going to see if I can’t come up with something as the franchise is offering tickets for submissions and some nice swag for the chosen name. I liked doing something like the Rum Runners until I saw there was a hockey team with the name. Maybe even see about doing so designs if I get really ambitious.

Hopefully The Island will take care with the design and consider the benefits involved with developing a brand people want to wear and look for reason to sport, even when times are tough on the court.

What would you name the Summerside basketball team?


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