Rainmen Wanted

Do you wish you were taller? Do you wish you were a baller? Do you wish you had a girl who looked good so you could caller?

Well, I can’t do much about the first or the last wishes. As for the other, the Halifax Rainmen are gonna give hopefuls their chance.

On Thursday, October 6th from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, the Rainmen will be holding an open tryout for men ages 18 and up at Citadel Community Centre. Rainmen coaching staff will be on hand, as well as President & CEO, Andre Levingston.

During the try out, the candidates will be put through various skill drills and will participate in an inter-squad scrimmage. Those who demonstrate potential to join the Rainmen for their 2011-12 season will be invited to attend the team’s training camp, which opens on October 7.

Registration for the open try out will be completed upon arrival, and there will be no fee required to participate. Spectators are welcome to attend.

As for a rabbit in a hat with a bat…your on your own with that one.


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