No Commish for the NBL

The National Basketball League of Canada was set to announce its first ever Commissioner Monday morning. But somewhere between Friday and this morning’s scheduled announcment something changed. What exactly is not being revealed?

League President and CEO, Andre Levingston release the following statement to address the issue:

“Last month, the National Basketball League of Canada made an agreement in principal with the candidate being considered for the position of the league’s commissioner. While both parties were extremely encouraged by the opportunity, unforeseen circumstances within the agreement arose at the eleventh hour that would have put the league in an uncompromising financial position.

At this time, the NBL Canada feels it is not in the league’s best interest to move forward. We are confident that we have taken the necessary steps to protect the league and its owners. We remain in good standing with the former candidate, and are optimistic and committed to finding the best possible suitor for this position.”

Purely speculation on my part, but it would seem that despite a deal in principal, when it came down to hammering out the commissioner’s compensation, the two sides were not in agreement. I can’t see how else to interpret that slecting this individual would have “put the league in an uncompromising financial position”. Unless there was some external issue with choosing this specific candidate.

This hiccup comes just days before many of the leagues teams are set open training camps and weeks away from the opening tipoff.


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