Jamario Moon-lighting in the NBL, kinda


Apologies are in order for this story. The National Basket League of Canada and the Quebec Kebs has clarified that Jamario Moon has not agreed to play with the Quebec Kebs, but will be attending the Veteran camp to stay in shape and help out the coaching staff.

It initially appeared that the Quebec Kebs had made the first big splash in the free agency from the fallout of the NBA lockout. TVA Nouvelles reported that the National Basketball League of Canada franchise had come to an agreement with Jamario Moon. I guess the nature of that agreement was not fully explained at first.

Again I apologize if I was a little too zealous in reporting this news, but when I hear that a lower tier NBA player like Moon has an agreement with another pro team, I figure it is to play basketball unless otherwise stated. I guess my french is rusty enough that maybe I missed this in the first report.

“Just his presence will benefit our team,” said Kebs coach Robert Spon. “I think that a player like Jamario joining the Kebs is good not only for ourselves but for our league.”

I THINK the Kebs did sign Dontell Jefferson who played his college ball with the University of Arkansas and spent time with the Charlotte Bobcats in 2009. But I could be wrong.

“He will be one of, if not the best player in the National Basketball League this year. He’s a big guy that will be a threat from the guard position.

Moon has played four seasons in the NBA for the Raptors, Heat, Cavaliers and Clippers. He’s averaged 6.4 points per game in his NBA career, but has gained a level of recognition due to his high flying ability and dunks.

*Quotes translated using Google Translate, so I apologize for any inconsistencies.


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