Drouin Rethinking Mooseheads?

Could Drouin be sporting a Mooseheads Jersey soon?

Very interesting information coming from Matthew Wuest of the Halifax Metro. Apparently second overall pick in last June’s QMJHL draft, Jonathan Drouin visited with the Halifax Mooseheads on Friday.

Drouin chose to stay with his AAA midget with the Lac St-Louis Lions this season rather than play his first season with the the Mooseheads in the Q. He is the leader scorer in the league with 20 goals and 26 assists in just 17 games.

Coach Ducharme indicates Drouin may be having “second thoughts”, while GM Cam Russell notes the sucess of other rookies has opened Drouin’s eyes to the possibilities.

What I find troubling is the revelation by Wuest that Drouin has also visited with the Dubuque Fighting Saints of the USHL, who drafted him 43rd overall this summer. Drouin is apparently still consdierng the US college route.

This is something that hadn’t been stated before. All reports when Drouin decided not to attend Moosehead camp this summer, were that he would certainly join the club when he felt more ready in 2012.

While it is encouraging that, Drouin is visiting Halifax and having “second thoughts” about where he is playing this season, hints about possibily going to the U.S. are popping up at an interesting time.

Was this what it was all about from the beginning? Drouin wasn’t sure he wanted to play in the Q or maybe just not for Halifax in the Q? Regardless, Drouin would be a welcome addition to the Mooseheads young roster, but hopefully once he makes up his mind, the off-ice drama can be put to an end.

Here’s a radio interview Drouin did while visiting Dubuque, where he states the chances of him playing in the USHL as “good”:

Please check out the full story here.


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