Sneak Peak at Super Bowl Commercials

The actual game of football has become less and less relevant when discussing the Super Bowl. It has become a marketing and entertainment big thingjuggernaut. The game is almost just an excuse for the window dressing.

The commercials have become the real entertainment. The most notable brands in the world dish out millions of dollars every year to produce ads that go beyond the normal every day 30 second spot. Here in Canada we are not always privy to these delightful romps, so we must suffer through our local networks.

Here is a compilation of some of the more entertaining ads that Canadians will miss out during the Big Game on Sunday. Enjoy and let me know your favourite.

What rec league team wouldn’t love to have this happen? Doubt many people would wanna show up for my 10:50 Wednesday night games

This one will apparently change depending on how the actual game goes. Essentially all that will change will be the bear’s scarf.

This is saved by the cameo at the end.

Sorry they seem to be mostly car commercials, but…I’m sure we’ll see a lot that didn’t want an early release on Sunday.


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