The Big Day Downtown!!!

Yet another year and I am lucky enough to be a part of the Big Day Downtown again. I have gotten to experience to experience some great businesses and this year was no different. What was different was the twist that throw at us this year. But it turns out to be a fun little twist.

I was unforuntately unable to attend the kick-off event, so I had to learn of the twist a little later than others. I took a little trip down to the Downtown Business Comission’s offices and found out that I had to select three cards upon which would be listed the themes I would have to incorporate into my Big Day. Despite numerous reassuance that all the cards were positvely toned, I was figuring I would the one joke whammy card. Fortunately enough the folks at the Downtown Business Commission are that cruel. I selected my three cards and got: Happy, Relaxing, and Playful.

This year I decided to make my won little twist as well. I invited my wife and 1 year old son to help me find some neat experieinces. Right of the bat I was happy because I got to spend a day downtown with my family and do some new stuff and the little guy makes everything playful.

My first stop down on the waterfront was selfishly to make me happy. I had been wanting to check out Lost Cod Clothingbecause I had seen their old Nova Scotia Voyageurs shirts and as a sports blogger, it felt like a must have. I was tempted by a number of other designs that they had there, but I just could not leave without that Voyageurs shirt. I mean the Vees were the first AHL franchise in Atlantic Canada and as the farm team of the 70s Montreal Canadiens had a stacked team and also became the first Canadian team to win the AHL Championship Calder Cup. We’re talkin’ Mike McPhee, Guy Carbonneau, and of course the Big Bird Larry Robinson.

Big Day Downtown - Little Guy Downtown

Big Day Downtown – Little Guy Downtown

Next it was time to wander and try and find something a little more refreshing and appealing to the family. After a stroll on the waterfront and a hike up the hill Yeh! Frozen Yogurt and Cafe seemed like a nice treat for everyone. Now, I am certainly not the healthy one in the family, but I seemed to enjoy the frozen yogurt the most. Well maybe it was atoss up between me and the little guy as the picture shows. It was a pretty cool little place offering several different types of frozen yogurt, but the nice part is the choice of toppings. I split my cup between chocolate and strawbery then added Reese’s pieces to the chocolate and Nerds and Gummie Bears. Tasy littel treat on a nice Saturday afternoon. I spent a little more than expected here becuase I initially thought you paid by the cup, so I figured I’d make the most and filled my cup. Thus it was quite heavy and costly, but well worth it.

After a bit more touring the downtown and stopping in at the Discovery Centre to show the little guy some cool things, we needed to grab a bit to eat. What better way to cap the day off then to have a nice family dinner on the patio of a place on the waterfront? So we grabbed a table at Stayner’s Wharf right by the ferry terminal. The little fella like being right next to Theodore Tugboat, and mom and I enjoyed the seafood. Can’t beat a great fish ‘n’ chips when in Halifax. My wife had the pan fried haddock, but playfullyt got onion rings to go with them, which is great because she is good at sharing.

To cap off a great,…excuse me, a Big Day Downtown Dad got to stop at the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission for a few little treat to relax at home in the evening. I had a great Big Day and it was made more Happy and and Playful by being able to share it with the two most important people in my life. and when we’re happy, I can be relaxed.


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