Big Days Downtown

You’ll notice the headline is Big Days Downtown. Emphasis on the plural of Days.

That’s because it took me more than a couple of days to spend my Big Day Downtown money.

So this year we were to ask our social networks how we should best spend the money given for our Big Day Downtown. I had some guidelines for the recommendations, but otherwise I was happy to hear what my friends thought.

Sailor Bups Barbershop raided by G-Men

Sailor Bups Barbershop raided by G-Men

The first thing I wanted to do for Big Day Downtown was not up for debatable. I needed a haircut, and I wanted to try Sailor Bups Barbershop for sometime. This was of course prior to the G-Men raiding the fine establishment, although I was close by to get some pictures of the actions.

I tried to head down to Sailor Bups on a Saturday evening. We were making a family outing of it as I had the wife and kids with me. The hope was for me to run in get a quick cut from the Bup while they strolled around town, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I underestimated the popularity of the Sailor. There was a lineup and with no appointments and the first come first serve policy, it was either sit and wait and leave my wife to watch our two boys for a little longer on her own, or go grab some food and take another stab at the haircut afterward.

flipburgerJust down the street on Argyle was FlipBurger. What better place to take my family so that everyone was satisfied then a premium burger joint that offers fresh locally sourced beef hand-crafted and free of any additives, antibiotics and preservatives and topped with a wide variety of different ingredients to enhance the burger experience. Being my first time trying out FlipBurger, I was not tuned up enough to take the FlipBurger Challenge:

Four 6 oz patties, Oulton’s double smoked bacon, pulled pork, Monterey jack, shredded lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions, mushrooms, jalapeño peppers, haystack onions, fresh hand cut fries, egg, bbq sauce and hot sauce. Eat in 20 minutes or less and receive a FlipBurger Challenge T-Shirt

As much as I love free T-Shirts, I wasn’t about to try this or else my wife would likely have had to take care of me in addition to the two kids. Instead I settled for the uber-satisfying Swiss Mushroom burger combo. Great hand-cut fries and 16oz beer accompanied my amazingly-tasty burger (Grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese and Flip sauce). While burgers aren’t typically Mrs. Touted’s first choice, her Big Fat Greek (chicken) burger was a relatively healthy option. Great toppings and flavour were a hit for her, and that is saying something to impress her at a burger joint. The littlest prospect on my farm team still isn’t eating big people food so he had to bring-his-own, but my two year old enjoyed a grilled cheese and couldn’t get enough of the fries.

After our meal, I went back to Sailor Bups, but they were at capacity and not enough time before they closed. The silver lining to that was that the next chance I would have to visit Sailor Bups was on Tuesday when the opened in their new digs on Sackville St. We strolled around the waterfront for the rest of the evening. My oldest boy loves playing on the submarine playground down by the wave and of course seeing all the cool boats. It is always a fun time for the family, even if we aren’t spending money.

Honestly I was a little unsure when I went upstairs on Argyle St. to the original location, but the old brick facade of the new locale suit the barbershop perfectly. I popped in on the opening day during my lunch break. And there was a lineup again. While I am not willing to make my wife wait for me, I was happy to extend my break from work by a few extra minutes.

I popped in and took a seat, and was immediately engaged by the playful banter. While I’m sure that most hairdressers have a great rapport with the clients, at Bups everyone is involved in the conversation and invited to put in their two cents. Another interesting switch is that I think it was the first time I had a haircut while not looking into the mirror I put my trust in Jenn and she gave me a great do. I only wish I had time to take advantage of the Full Monty (Cut, massage and shave). They make me wish I could grow a beard just so they could take care of it.

I think it is important for me to note that apparently found a parking vortex on Brunswick St. when visiting Sailor Bups. Looking for a spot and not having any change on me I was figuring I might have to burn some of my BDD money on a parking garage. But all of sudden there it was. A spot seemingly in between two other spots. I photographed the situation 1) in case I was ticketed; 2) to document this rift in the space-parking continuum.

Meter and car behind me.

Meter and car behind me.

Meter and car ahead of me.

Meter and car ahead of me.

After buying a few adult beverages for my wife and I to enjoy after putting the kids to bed, the remainder of funds has been spent, but hasn’t been used yet. I hope that this minor infraction is acceptable to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission. I used the remainder of my Downtown money to purchase a gift card for my wife to Spirit Spa. It’s her birthday in a few weeks and our anniversary shortly thereafter. As I have mentioned a number of times, we have two small children (2 yo and 5 months), and my wife bears the monumental task of caring for these two on a daily basis. she does so with grace and seeming ease. She deserves an opportunity to pamper herself, instead of someone else. Unfortunately she can’t just go whenever she wants, so the gift card will allow her to go when it will be most useful or needed.

There’s my Big DayS Downtown!


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