The Sportster’s Xmas List

Christmas is right around the corner and many people are still trying to find that right present for that special someone on their list. That special someone on your list may be into sports and stuff like I am. Now as a grown man, it is amazing how little my Christmas list has changed since I was a kid. Just more boozy, I guess.

pittsburgh-penguins-nhl-ugly-sweater-busyblock-341. Classic Christmas Sweater
More than likely you are going to be going to at least one Christmas party over the next few weeks. This inevitably leads to the eternal question: What to wear? Jersey’s out of the question, but why not show your sports allegiance with a nifty holiday sweater. The “Ugly” Christmas has become the trend. This wold even work well for the popular Ugly Sweater themed Christmas parties.


2. Pajamas

Sabres Onesie BigYou definitely need a new pair of pajamas to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. So like the first idea, this may not be great as an official Christmas morning gift, but make it a tradition. When I was a kid, we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve. That was largely to shut me up I’m sure. But who wouldn’t want to slip in to a pair of these. The kids wear onesies, and they have always looked super-comfy. Although, I wonder how awkward trips to the bathroom would be They don’t appear to have the flap at the back like cartoon longjohns. Maybe they will soon come out with a version that has skate-feet to take the onesie idea to its full extent. Actually that made me think this could be good for a twirl out on the pond with your own skates on. Make from great uniforms for pond hockey tournament, if everyone had them.

The one pictured comes in all the NHL teams from Hockey Sockey. They also have some pretty cool toques as well.


3. Tickets/Night Out
What is better for a sports fan that actually going to a sporting event. Now if you live in a city that has professional sports teams, you have some premium options, but folks in other areas shouldn’t count themselves out of this. It doesn’t always have to be the top caliber level sporting event that can be a good time. Get out and support a local minor-pro or junior team in your area. You could combine the sporting event with dinner out maybe at a sports bar/pub either before or after the game itself. For example, in Halifax (where I’m from) our regular sports options are the QMJHL Halifax Mooseheads, Halifax Rainmen and any number of University sports between Saint Mary’s and Dalhousie. The Maritime Hockey League and Major Midget Leagues offer some great competitive hockey and I am sure similar leagues can ticketsbe found in lots of place across Canada. Maybe stop by HFX Sports or Bubba Rays for pre and post game refreshment, or find a place close to your event.

Also do your research, maybe there is a one-off event coming. This Spring Halifax will host the Men’s World Curling Championship. FYI curling Bonspiels often have great hospitality and are lots of fun. The Brier was here a few years ago and I had a blast. Also next summer Halifax will also host the Nova Scotia Open on the Tour. This a chance to see some of the world’s top young golfers. Seventeen of the golfers that played in last year’s event earned their PGA Tour Cards for this season including Canadians Nick Taylor, who just won his first PGA event and Roger Sloan, who won his first professional event in a playoff hole at the NS Open last year.

4. Video Games
I love playing video games. I just don’t play very often. It has been a while since I’ve touched the Xbox, but a new game usually always revitalizes the gaming appetite. I have a couple older versions of the NHL franchise, and while it is always nice to have the most up-to-date version, I would probably go for something new. Oh, if someone wanted to just go all out and upgrade my console to an Xbox One or PS4 that would be great too.I haven’t had any of the FIFA games since I got my gaming system. I remember playing on PC back when the franchise you was getting started and loving it, so FIFA 15 would probably be at the top of my list. Forza is a great racing game, and you kinda need to have a racing game in your library. After that, I dunno. I have always enjoyed the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and while their latest installment, “Unity” looks like another great game, it is only available on Xbox One and PS4. so unless…The new Rogue game probably wouldn’t be bad either.

festa_brew_blonde5. Beer
It is really the closest thing to a risk-free gift you can get for a guy. I have been very lucky that over the years Mrs. Highly Touted has pretty much always gotten me some form of sampler pack and/or gift card. But what about taking this to a whole ‘nother level: A homebrew kit! Now I think back to home brewing years ago and some of the products were pretty utilitarian quite frankly. They did the trick, but the actual beer left much to be desired. Now it seems that home brewing kits are getting better and better in terms of quality.

This particular type of kit can be picked up locally in Halifax at the Noble Grape, but there are likely other great spots. This would be great for either someone just getting started, as they have starter kits with all the necessary equipment, or for there are options for the more experienced brewer. How great would it be to sit down to watch your favourite team with a brew you crafted yourself.

2014-11-09 11.33.036. Mini B-Ball Net
I had one in my room when I was a kid, but not like suped up version. I got my kid of of the classic plastic ones to learn the game. I’m currently teaching him to back down other toddlers into the lane, follow his shot, and get his elbows up when bringing it down off the window.

Well that is just a little glimpse into what some things you could think about for the sports fan on your list. If you have got some great ideas feel free to share them, as I know we can all use some help this time of year.


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