Crosby & MacKinnon to Faceoff in World Cup

crosbymackinnonWednesday marked the announcement of the first 16 roster players for each of the eight teams competing for the World Cup of Hockey in September on this year. As with any announcement of this nature there is bound to be debate as to who was included and who was omitted. What is not up for debate, is that the two Nova Scotians named deserved their spots. Oddly enough on different teams.

Crosby was named to Canada’s entry into the tournament. MacKinnon will be a key contributor the North American Young Guns team, comprised of the best players 23 or younger (born on or after Oct. 1, 1992). The usual suspects are also in the tourney: Russia, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and the United States. The other wild card team is Team Rest of Europe (made up of top players not from the four traditional powers listed above). You can review the full rosters here.

We get to see more Nova Scotian content. Brad Marchand’s strong season has put him in the running for a spot on Team Canada. Marchand leads the Bruins with 32 goals this season, and is tied for third in the league. There are some that feel his gritty, cycling style of play could be a compliment to Crosby. It has been an issue that past few times Canada as assembled it top players as to who can play with Crosby. It seems that at times chemistry is difficult to develop for him.

This is just the initial roster announcement; it provides the foundation for each teams roster. The difficulty will come in filling the seven remaining rosters spots due on June 1.

Any surprise omissions or inclusions?


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