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Emirates with Awesome Ceremonial First Pitch

This is an amazing execution of how to turn a unique opportunity into a great brand experience.

We’ve Gone Too Far

ty-cobb-hard-slideI had to get up early to head to the airport, so I missed the play in question. The Jays were down by one in the ninth. Jose Bautista had just walked to load the bases with Edwin Encarnacion coming to the plate with one out. I’d already missed most of the game, and just I needed sleep and I would see the result in the morning.

I didn’t think it all the unreasonable to wake up to see Encarnacion had launched a grand slam to win the game for Toronto. I never could have expected what did transpire.

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Pro Stars: Reboot

Pro Stars

“I’m tired of your renegade ways Gretzky.”


Don’t tell me you forgot again this year? It’s like you just don’t care…about cereal.

Honestly as a kid, I wasn’t a huge cereal eater. Occasionally, Cap’n Crunch or Corn Pops, but there was one that I demanded my mom buy for me: Pro Stars. Largely because at the time of production it featured my hero, Wayne Gretzky, on the box. Now the cereal wasn’t anything great from what I recall, but it did have The Great One.

A few years later, the Pro Stars brand expanded to encompass a Saturday morning cartoon featuring the aforementioned Gretzky, teaming up with Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson to fight evil in the world. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the cartoon, so I thought it would be fitting to think about who would star in the contemporary version of the show. Read More…

Senior Baseball Finals Set

Logo for Baseball Nova ScotiaOkay, it’s been too long. I get it. I admittedly took a summer hiatus, but I can of no better reason to get back on the blog than with the Nova Scotia Senior League Finals about to get underway.

The first round of the Senior League finished up with the Dartmouth Moosehead Dry sweeping the Halifax Pelham Canadians 3-0 in the best-of-five series while the Kentville Wildcats dispatched the Sydney Sooners 3-1 in the other series.

The Dry and Wildcats will kick-off the finals in Kentville Friday, September 14th @ 7:30 with Game 2 back in Dartmouth Saturday evening at 7:00. Kentville took the regular season series 5-2 over Dartmouth, but that could be decpetive. Five of the seven games were decided by only one run.

Also the NSSBL gave out some hardware Read More…