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Pro Stars: Reboot

Pro Stars

“I’m tired of your renegade ways Gretzky.”


Don’t tell me you forgot again this year? It’s like you just don’t care…about cereal.

Honestly as a kid, I wasn’t a huge cereal eater. Occasionally, Cap’n Crunch or Corn Pops, but there was one that I demanded my mom buy for me: Pro Stars. Largely because at the time of production it featured my hero, Wayne Gretzky, on the box. Now the cereal wasn’t anything great from what I recall, but it did have The Great One.

A few years later, the Pro Stars brand expanded to encompass a Saturday morning cartoon featuring the aforementioned Gretzky, teaming up with Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson to fight evil in the world. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the cartoon, so I thought it would be fitting to think about who would star in the contemporary version of the show. Read More…

Rainmen Add Big Man

Former USC Trojan, James Blasczyk to join Rainmen for upcoming season.

Former USC Trojan, James Blasczyk to join Rainmen for upcoming season.

The Halifax Rainmen have begun to fill out their roster and who will control it for the upcoming season.

Just days after the team announced Chris Terrell as the teams new coach, the Rainmen also added former USC Trojan James Blasczyk.

Coach Terrell has had many stops around the world coaching at the highest levels, most recently with Romania, China and Mexico. He also served as a head assistant player development coach in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks.

“It is a great honor to be selected as the new head coach of the Halifax Rainmen” Said coach Terrrell. “I want to thank Mr Levingston and everyone in the organization. I am looking forward to living and working in Halifax this season as we diligently work together to give the great fans a team they can be very proud of”.

The roster is still far from set, but with the league draft upcoming on Aug. 17-19 a few more items may be set in place. Coach Terrell is expected to be onhand for the draft.

Not one to wait around though, Andre Levingston has already begun adding to the squad. The 7-foot-1 Blasczyk caught the eye of Levinston during summer tournament play. He’s coming off 2 years with USC in the NCAA and shold be a physical presence down low.

“One thing led to another,” Blasczyk said. “[Levingston] is in my corner, and I decided that would be the best route to go.”

Full details on Blasczyk and his signing can be found at Galen Central.

Raptors to Hold Training Camp in Halifax

Toronto Raptors logoCBC News is reporting that the Toronto Raptors will hold their 2012 training camp in Halifax.

There has been no official word from the team on whether this is true or not, but it would be in keeping with comments from Raptors GM, Bryan Colangelo. Colangelo mentioned traveling to Halifax to scout a potential location for training camp on Sportsnet Radio The Fan a couple of weeks ago.

According to the report, the October training camp would take place largely at the Canada Games Centre with the potential for an inter-squad game to be played at the larger Metro Centre for fans to attend.

Colangelo is apparently going to be making the announcement official in Halifax on Thursday. Stay tuned for more.

Been Too Long: Summer Sports Round-Up

Hockey Canada World Junior Evaluation challengeI have not been on the blog for a loooooong time. The biggest reason is the fact that there is a new Highly Touted prospect in my farm system. We have begun his development for multiple sports already. While he has shown promising skills in most of the majors sports (hockey, baseball, soccer, etc.), he has demonstrated a prodigious aptitude toward Jai Alai. Not bad for a month old.

While I am doing more work in the areas of player development, I need to get back to the blog. So here’s some of the things going on in the local sports scene: Read More…

Tough Sked Working Against Rainmen

The Halifax Rainmen dropped game two of the National Basketball League of Canada finals Monday night to the London Lightning. The team will host their first game of the finals, but down 2-0 it could also be there last.

Game one went to London as well in a tight game that was decided by only three points, 86-83. Game two was a vastly different story. Where many thought Halifax deserved to win the first game, London clearly outpaced the Rainmen in game two, 113-96. In additon to facing a strong London team that posted the best record in the regular season, the wider margin of victory may be in part be due to a rigorous schedule of late that won’t get any better for the Halifax squad.

Read More…