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Cabot Cliffs is Set to Go Ahead

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View from behind the future second hole of Cabot Cliffs

Indications are very positive now that Cabot Cliffs, proposed sister course to the successful Cabot Links, will be built. There were early suggestions that the building of a second course would be tied to certain benchmarks being met by the links course in its first fully operational season. Whether those goals were reached or not now seems to be a moot point. The feedback has been nothing short of glowing for Cabot Links and therefore it will be joined by a second course in the near future.

This is great news for Inverness County, Cape Breton. Work to bring a golf course to the area has been ongoing for years and there had been a number of failed attempts over that time. Cabot Links has been a great addition to the Cape Breton golf landscape and has garnered international attention for its beautifully traditional links design, rarely seen outside of the UK.

Here’s an excerpt from the Golf Digest piece:

from Where’s Matty G? Golf Digest blog

Mike Keiser made it official on a flight from Nova Scotia to Chicago last Thursday: There will be a second course at Cabot Links, the Cape Breton Island resort he co-owns with Ben Cowan-Dewar, and Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw will design it.

With rough plans on the empty middle seat between them, Keiser, in the aisle, and Coore, on the window, discussed the routing of Cabot Cliffs, a 200-acre course to be built on a 600-acre piece of land a few miles north of Cabot Links, which opened to solid reviews in June. The owner of Bandon Dunes and the builders of Bandon Trails and Bandon Preserve have the “dilemma” of a lot of options, but one thing was sure: This is happening.

They’ve cleared the land that will hold the 18th green and a nearby clubhouse, both of which will overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Some small political and land-acquisition hurdles remain, but with the cooperation of the Canadian government (which is keenly interested in tourism and jobs), Keiser’s financial support and record of success, Cowan-Dewar’s determination and Coore/Crenshaw’s reputation, don’t be surprised if there’s preview play by the end of 2014. “Today, every issue has a solution,” says Keiser, 68, who believes it takes at least two courses for a resort to be considered a true golf destination.

As he told Coore when they deplaned in Chicago, “I think we’re on to something big here.”

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New Addition to the Cape Breton Golf Family

Cabot Links Golf Course logoFinally!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time.

Growing up in Inverness County, on the west side of Cape Breton Island, it was easy to see how the natural beauty of the area could translate into an authentic and world class golfing experience.

The towns and villages of the surrounding area offers a sunnier version of the birthplace of golf, Scotland in both geography and culture.

For a long time there were no golf courses in Inverness County until Le Portage Golf Club opened in Cheticamp. The had been a course in Margaree, but it closed a number of years ago.

Le Portage is a beautiful course that offers challenges to golfers of all levels, but it still meant early morning 1.5 hour commutes for myself to play a round.

I gladly made the trip wheneve I could, but there was always the dream of getting a local course.

It is hard not to visit the area and look upon its rolling hills and pasture and see the potential for extraordinary golf and recreation.

The Cabot Links course in Inverness has endured years of planning and delays, but finally the end is in sight.

Developed by Mike Keiser (Bandon Dunes) and Ben Cowan-Dewar, the course was designed by Rod Whitman, who also designed the Sagebrush Golf Club in BC which was named Golf Digest’s Best New Canadian Course for 2009.

It is Canada’s first true “Links” course and comparisions to the links courses of Scotland are understandable after seeing a few of the holes, which hug the shoreline of Inverness.

The course opens on July 1, 2011 and their teaser video makes the wait all seem worthwhile. I’m hoping to be able to make a trip home for the opening weekend and maybe get in a couple rounds.

Hopefully this will lead to other possibilites being explored and potentially more courses for the area, helping Cape Breton become an even greater world golfing destination.

Link to the trailer for Cabot Links golf course in Inverness, NS