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Marathon Bus Ride

I wish my morning bus would be a quicker option than running 26 miles. Often it doesn’t feel that way.

I suggest we campaign to have a public transportation triathalon made an olympic sport. The first leg will be a ferry ride, followed by a taxi stage. The final leg will require that you take a bus (or possibly subway, if your city has one), but must make two transfers.

Note: Case reminds us all of the infamous Rosie Ruiz “victory” at the 1980 Boston Marathon

Running Again

Prior to last week, it had been a long time since I had seriously run. As a kid, I had a little because my father is an avid runner. I remember doing the kids’ “Fun Run” at some of the local circuit races he attended and even doing a 10k with him for charity.

As I got a bit older, I tried out for the track team, more for the day off of school than anything else though. The “goal” of running was not always apparent to me, aside from getting from one place to another. I have typically preferred to get my physical activity through competitive team sport like hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, etc., etc. Recently I began running again and it feels good.
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