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Video of the Week: Nike SHOUT

I have recently been thinking of including a regular video component to the blog. Below is the first of what I hope will be an enteraining addition to our sporting dialogue.

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New Halifax Stadium for FIFA Women’s World Cup

The first conceptual drawings have been released for the proposed stadium to be built in Halifax if Canada earns the right to host the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Find more info on the proposed stadium by clicking on the picture.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Pool

I am challenging all my loyal followers to come and compete for the first ever Route 19 World Cup Fantasy Championship. I love contests, and thought it would be a great idea to bring some more excitement and interactivity to the blog.

This idea came out of nowhere, so I did not secure any sort of sponsorship or prize for the winner. However, if I get a good response, I am sure I could make a good case to a sponsor, but that’s based or all of you. In the meantime, winning feels good on its own, and as I am currently just a small time blogger, you should have a good chance of beating me.

I have just created a group on the CBC World Cup Pool, so all you have to do in is register with CBC and join the group Route 19 (password: “Route19”). Would love to see lots of competitive spirit and smack talk in the comments section. I’ll try and keep the standing updated regularly on here.

So you think you got game, then bring it on… ENTER HERE

Group: Route 19
Password: route19

Beckham to FC Tatooine??

With José Mourinho joining Real Madrid, Jabba the Hut has turned to his next choice for GM of FC Tatooine, Greedo. His run was short lived due to the failed recruitment of David Beckham, but it is believed that Jabba will enlist Boba Fett to continue their pursuit of the English football star.

Intro to The World Cup

I hope to have some more FIFA World Cup coverage coming soon, but this was too good to pass up.