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TOSSLE: The Game for the Ages

The origins of Tossle are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that the game dates back as far as the dark ages, when man first began to use tools to his advantage. The first time one humanoid threw one rock closer to another rock than his buddy, Tossle was born.

Over time the game has evolved. An earlier form of the game, known as Tossuli, became the game of choice of the Italian aristocracy during the Renaissance, though it was spoken of little due to fear of reprisal from the Church.

It came to North America with the Pilgrims in the 1600s and flourished. Over time as settlers began to move farther into the continent that the game took on its present day form. Settlers in Oklahoma were playing a version of the game similar to that of the earlier Italian game. Upon observing the Native American game of digadayosdi, or Cherokee Marbles, the now integral Tinker was added to the game.

During the years of prohibition, Tossle again went underground, as the sport of choice for those wishing to enjoying a good time with friends and a drink at the same time. Here we find the names of some of the great, yet unknown Tossle players: Willie “The Duck” O’Reilly, “The Nature Boy” George Upshaw, Danny Fitzgibbon, and Tito “The Tinker” Tejada.

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