Pro Stars: Reboot

Pro Stars

“I’m tired of your renegade ways Gretzky.”


Don’t tell me you forgot again this year? It’s like you just don’t care…about cereal.

Honestly as a kid, I wasn’t a huge cereal eater. Occasionally, Cap’n Crunch or Corn Pops, but there was one that I demanded my mom buy for me: Pro Stars. Largely because at the time of production it featured my hero, Wayne Gretzky, on the box. Now the cereal wasn’t anything great from what I recall, but it did have The Great One.

A few years later, the Pro Stars brand expanded to encompass a Saturday morning cartoon featuring the aforementioned Gretzky, teaming up with Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson to fight evil in the world. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the cartoon, so I thought it would be fitting to think about who would star in the contemporary version of the show. Read More…

MacDonald Comfortable with Flyers Again

Judique native, Andrew MacDonald is re-establishing himself as a solid defender for the Flyers after some difficulty this past season.



Nova Scotia Still Working Toward Brier

Jamie Murphy and his rink out of the Mayflower Curling Club look to earn a spot in the 2016 Brier

Jamie Murphy and his rink out of the Mayflower Curling Club look to earn a spot in the 2016 Brier

Jamie Murphy and his rink of Jordan Pinder, Scott Saccary, and Phil Crowell out the Mayflower Curling Club will look to take the first step in punching their ticket to the 2016 Tim Hortons Brier. Despite winning the provincial championship a month ago, the Nova Scotia rink must face the teams from Yukon, Northwest Territories (NWT) and Nunavut in a pre-tournament tournament. The winner gets a spot in the “official” Brier beginning on Saturday. Thankfully, this is the last year of this foolishness and hopefully Murphy will breeze through this farce. Read More…

Crosby & MacKinnon to Faceoff in World Cup

crosbymackinnonWednesday marked the announcement of the first 16 roster players for each of the eight teams competing for the World Cup of Hockey in September on this year. As with any announcement of this nature there is bound to be debate as to who was included and who was omitted. What is not up for debate, is that the two Nova Scotians named deserved their spots. Oddly enough on different teams. Read More…